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1. National Photo Pro Exposiotion  Award 1999  

2. Popular Photography Magazine Great Picture Contest 1998

3. 17th Annual Photographers Forum Magazine 1997

4. 16th annual Photographers forum Magazine 1996

5. 1986-1987 Nikon International Contest

6. East Texas International Photography Contest 1984

7. 1983 World Photography Society Contest

8. Edward Steichen National Newspaper Awards  1981

9. The 38th Kodak international snapshot awards 1977

Crusin Snoozer Recognition

The cat on the skateboard film image entitled "cruisin snoozer", was
also used by Nikon Cameras as a poster to advertise the Nikon photo
contest international 1994, after having won in the nNikon
international  photo contest 1986-1987. In addition, Avanti greeting
cards featured this image in their  catalogue from 1995-2003, with
worldwide circulation.
Photography Portfolio
William R .West Jr.